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60 Minutes

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In a timely stroke of luck for me to validate and lend credence to my project, the CBS network ran a show on March 27, 2022, featuring two stories that dealt with the importance of documenting one's life.

The Shoah Foundation

The first story is about an organization started by Steven Spielberg following his production of Schindler's List. Based at The University of Southern California, it is now run by a husband-and-wife team. They record extensive interviews with people who survived the Holocaust of WWII and other devastating human tragedies. By video recording a subject's response to almost 2000 questions over the course of a week and by incorporating artificial intelligence, it is possible to interactively interview these subjects after they are dead. My words do not do this justice. You need to see it for yourself.


The second story (starts at ~ 29:20), reports on David Isay's project. He started StoryCorps many years ago and has registered over 500,000 recordings with The Library of Congress. If you choose to watch just one of these two amazing reports, watch this one to better understand my project and why I share Isay's belief in the importance of documenting one's life. He asserts that the better we actually know one another, the better our chances of reducing the extreme divisiveness we are experiencing at this time in history. I could not agree more.

As you can see, some very major organizations align with the importance of chronicling one's life. If you are a Paramount+ subscriber, click the following link to access the website from which you and view the 60 Minutes show. You will need to look for "S54 E28", Season 54 Episode 28. As of April 2022, Paramount does offer a 7-day free option.

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