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A Poem About an Epic Adventure

On the day I returned home after one year, one month, one week, and one day on the road, I was overwhelmed and humbled to read a poem written by a former high school classmate that eloquently captured the essence of my adventure.


It is with great gratitude to Barry that I reproduce that poem simply entitled, "The End,"  here. 

                  The End


I met a gent from my old high school,
That we went to way back when,
Turns out he’s been on a journey,
That's finally come to an end.

Away from home for quite some time,
A year, a month, a week and a day,
As he seems to be qu
ite happy at rest,
And that’s where he’ll likely stay.

Until the next adventure,
That could take him anywhere,
If he feels the need to be,
In a particular place somewhere.

As what he likes to do is interesting,
Going about with a microphone,
Asking people to speak with him,
About their very own home.

And what better way to find answers,
To the questions of our time,
But to go where those living,
Have built lives of their own design.

As I do envy that spirit,
And persistence in my friend,
To come up with a mighty fine story,
That I'm sure he'll share with all, in the end.

​Barry Brown - June 8, 2023

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