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Nova Scotia

June 1, 2022

June 12, 2022

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My time in Halifax was incredibly wonderful. I grew up in Nova Scotia and still have family there. So, the Leeson’s decided to have a reunion. My father and his two brothers had 10 children, and June 5, 2022, was the first time we were in the same room. Six still live in Nova Scotia, three in Alberta, and I live in Illinois. There is no need to go into details here, but suffice it to say that all, including my university student daughter, who flew in from Ottawa for a few days, had a good time.

I also found time to conduct five interviews. I’m sure I could have done more had I applied myself. I did not interview any family members but may do so remotely later. What you learn about people with whom you grew up but lost contact with after high school is interesting.

The pandemic has played an interesting role in the development of the province. Hanging off the easternmost end of the continent, Nova Scotia was not exactly a prime destination for people of ambition. But, because of the reassessment of life imposed upon us by COVID and the quality of life in the province, some conclude that life is actually rather good there. Construction in Halifax, the largest city and capital, is booming, and housing prices around the province are soaring. A lot of Americans are contributing to the boom.

I am constantly reminded about how beautiful it is whenever I visit that part of the world. The ocean, the ubiquitous green, the lakes, and the San Francisco-type feel of Halifax on the harbor make it hard to beat. It was a magical place to grow up, but only in moving away did I really appreciate it.

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