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May 1, 2022

May 5, 2022

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On May 1, 2022, I left my hometown of Chicago to visit the first city on my first journey; Lansing, Michigan. The weather did not exactly cooperate, but that was not such a bad thing. I was unprepared to prospect for interviewees as my last week at home was extremely hectic. So, while I reached out to some people and got some great advice from the contact I made at ABC News, I spent a lot of time getting situated and preparing for the following three cities: London, Toronto, and Ottawa.

I did take an extended drive on the Michigan State University campus. And I do mean extended. I read somewhere that, geographically, it is one of the largest campuses in The United States. I believe it. MSU is actually in East Lansing, a separate community with a more affluent population. On my first trip to East Lansing from my Air B&B in a working-class neighborhood in Lansing, I immediately noticed the difference in the roads and buildings.

Flat Out Graphics of Lansing made a custom poster for me (see picture). Matt Crumb and his team did a terrific job. I purchased an easel and portfolio bag as well. I plan to set up shop in some high pedestrian areas and see what kind of inquiries I get. Or strange looks! Either way, it is a great talking piece. Many thanks to my friend, Tata, for the suggestion.

Well, one city down, 52 to go! Here is to hoping the weather improves soon.

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