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May 5, 2022

May 8, 2022

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London, where I studied economics at The University of Western Ontario, was my breakthrough town! I met several people and interviewed two. I met the first by cold calling at the White Oaks United Church. Harry, an immigrant to Canada in the mid 1960’s, is from British Honduras, now Belize. He is 83 and very cautious about who he meets face to face due to covid. So, we had a ZOOM meeting and I was extremely pleased with the experience. I will be comfortable from now on telling people that they can make up their mind later about an interview as we can always meet remotely. My interview with Harry lasted 3h15m, a record.

But that record did not last for long. My interview with Rajah, 46, in person and on ZOOM, lasted 4h20m over the two sessions. As I suspected, people WANT to talk about their lives and express themselves. I met Rajah, his Joanne, and another friend in a park a few minutes after I displayed the sign that I had made in Lansing.

As I am writing this, I just received an email from Sirius XM Radio with Phlash Phelps’ email address. He is a 60’s DJ who has probably traveled to every corner store in every US city/town that exists. An exaggeration, but I thought my four journeys might be something in which he has an interest given that travel aspect of his show.

It was wonderfully nostalgic to spend a few days in the town of my alma mater that awarded me my degree in economics that helped launch my investment banking career in Toronto. And, speaking of Toronto, it is my next stop.

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