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New Hampshire

June 16, 2022

June 20, 2022

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Tiny Manchester was a mini treasure trove for me. I have published one story and had two more interviews with prominent citizens of the town. It did not start out so auspiciously.

I booked an Air B&B outside the city to have a rural experience where I would share a house with the owner. Here is the drive, 90% of which was through the forest.

Interstate Highway
Main Highway
Secondary Highway
Local Road
Narrow Paved Road

About ¼ mile into the paved road, one left civilization, or so it seemed. About three miles in, after I passed a lake with a small cluster of homes, the paved road gave way to a dirt road. Google was telling me four more minutes. The forest seemed to get even thicker. When I heard “you have arrived,” I walked to the house to look for the number. None. I looked for the mailbox to retrieve the key. No mailbox. On a lower landing of the property was an old shed with wood logs in the vicinity. Who knows what goes on down there? At that moment, I thought I had just stepped into my version of “Deliverance,” the movie. I was hoping I would see my daughter again someday.

I turned my car around, and about 400m away, I found an Amazon truck. The driver told me I was in the right area and to look for the mailbox on the side of the road. I did, and all was well. My host, Dan, was terrific, and his must-read story is posted. And he was right; the black bear never bothered me once when I was alone on his property.

While in town, I was directed to the Manchester Historical Society, where I found two prominent citizens to interview. As of this writing, I do not have permission to use their names, but I hope to have that shortly and publish their stories I still need to write.

Finally, here is one observation about the “Live Free or Die” state. American flags were everywhere. I wonder if I will see that many elsewhere.

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