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May 19, 2022

May 26, 2022

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Tied with Boston (QS world poll) as the top cities in North America for higher education, Montreal is a place my two uncles know well as former McGill University students. I came to know it a bit differently. However, I did NOT get arrested in Montreal! So, let’s just put that unfortunate incident at Jacques Cartier Square to rest.

My daughter and one of her friends came to Montreal from Ottawa with me so that they could attend the Metro Metro music festival for three nights. After driving her friend back to Ottawa, Jennifer joined me for three more nights. So, Montreal was more of a vacation time with her than work. However, I think I may have finally discovered a reliable method to reach an audience. Contacting religious organizations seems to allow for open conversations. I suppose this is not a surprise. I had great luck in London with this as that city provided me with two published interviews from strangers including one referral from a church.

I reached out to a church in Montreal by email and when I talked with the Reverend after Sunday service, he agreed to being interviewed and mentioned that there were a few others that came to mind. I will follow up with him on ZOOM. I also had a good conversation with a representative from the Jewish Community Council of Montreal about my project. A gentleman called me back after reading my email. We will see it that leads to something. So, I think that reaching out to groups of faith will be strategically foundational for me going forward.

Jennifer and I went to Cirque du Soleil on Wednesday night. Neither of us had seen the show before. It was spectacular. The weather was great except for the severe derecho that hit Canada on May 21st and caused tremendous damage. Thankfully, Montreal was spared the worst of the storm but I was actually outside walking to my car the very moment it hit. I now have a sense as to what it feels like when a tornado hits. Getting around Montreal on the exceptionally clean subway system was very easy.

As I conclude my adventures in Montreal, it is off to Fredericton, New Brunswick, following one night in famous “Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!”. Yes, that is a real place. But, as I was warned when I landed at my Air B&B, don’t drink the water. So, the next time you visit Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, bring your own water.

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