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May 15, 2022

May 19, 2022

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Ottawa is the city in which my daughter has lived for almost three years as a university student. So, I was a little distracted. However, I did get to meet several people by displaying my sign that states, “Have your life-story published in my book. Ask me how!” Everyone who does give me the time of day finds the whole concept quite intriguing. That, however, does not always lead to interviews.

Ottawa, as Canada’s capitol city, is a major tourist town. As I was standing in front of The Parliament Building, my daughter called to tell me that Prince Charles was in the courtyard at the same time. Unfortunately, Chuck did not stop by to talk with me. I suspect he might have had an interesting life worth documenting. But, then, he probably already has a biographer.

There is one personal note I wish to share. When I was a student in London at The University of Western Ontario, there was a student there at the same time by the name of Diane Finley. I never met her, but it was her advocacy of a new law as the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in the Canadian government that allowed my adopted daughter from China growing up in The United States, to obtain Canadian citizenship in 2007. It is ironic that my daughter decided to make Ottawa her university town.

Well, it’s on to Montreal with my daughter and a friend so they can experience the “Metro Metro Festival.”

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