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May 9, 2022

May 14, 2022

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I had mixed experiences in Toronto. The sign that had worked quite well in London was met with almost total dismissal from the Torontonians. So, I decided to change the sign to read “Have your life’s story published in my book. Ask me how!” We will see how that works in Ottawa.

On the flip side, I interviewed two former classmates from my university days in London including my roomie. I also think there may be a couple more interviews via ZOOM that emerge from that. Another highlight was my visit with an officer of the Toronto Central Lions Club. Ray spent about 2 hours with me on Saturday showing me the downtown area. He was extremely knowledgeable about the history and architecture as an art dealer and historian. He even purchased for me some of his favorite cheese when we toured the famous St. Lawrence Market. On Sunday I got to tell some more club members about my project when I met them for lunch. We shall see what comes of that. Furthermore, Ray did say that he would provide key contact information for me on some other Canadian Lions Clubs. That could be helpful.

The weather was beautiful the entire time and I did walk quite a bit in the downtown area including to Queen’s Park. It brought back some great memories as I lived in Toronto for some time when I started my career as an investment banker in the city. Sadly, the Maple Leafs lost a game 7 to Tampa Bay on home ice in the Stanley Cup playoffs while I was in town. Like my current home town of Chicago used to say about the Cubs, “wait ’til next year.” Next year for the Cubs finally came in 2015 only 108 years after their last World Series win. At that rate, the Leafs' time will come in 2075. Let's see, I'll be 118 so there's a 50/50 chance for me.

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