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April 29, 2023

May 4, 2023

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The mile high city is in beautiful territory. The mountain backdrop as I approached from the flatlands was a stunning site. That aside, I got a chance to explore the city and especially enjoyed my time taking in the sites and engaging in conversation in the trendy, bohemian district known as RiNo (River North Art District). It is a regentrified industrial area that is home to huge wall murals, contemporary art galleries, hip concert venues, and Wi-Fi enabled food halls with craft beers. You will find young professionals working there.

I gave a speech to the Wheat Ridge Rotary Club and met some great people. There is a certain maxillofacial surgeon who has done some great volunteer work abroad who I hope to interview. I did interview my Airbnb host. He is an interesting young man who took up video technology and who has worked with some well-known performers in live streaming.

My Facebook launch from my Wichita visit is starting to pick up a few “Likes” and I plan on publishing a new story every five days. I hope to build a larger following in the coming months. We shall see.

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