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Salt Lake City


May 4, 2023

May 9, 2023

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My visit to Mormon country was indeed memorable. For me, a few firsts.

One, having never owned a dog, I never had the wonderful experience of picking up doggie poop before. My wonderful host had a great dog named Bonucci. I once worked with a guy named Bonucci. But I digress. One day, we went outside to play catch. That dog would have made one heck of a shortstop. He was amazing! Anyway, he went, and I picked up. One more thing off my bucket list.

Secondly, I visited Brigham Young University in Provo. There, I met a young woman who had just completed her master’s degree in environmental sciences. She served her missionary in England. We talked, and after we parted, I headed back to SLC. On the way, I stopped to have my oil changed. I checked my text messages, and she had invited me to a “testimony” service at a church. Apparently, it is done on the first Sunday of the month. When I got back, she offered a family or young adult service. I choose the latter. We drove about a mile and entered a church. The service started with some hymns, and then about a dozen people went to the podium to give testimony from their lives. Amazing!

Thirdly, I stroked Hoot the Owl. He has appeared in dozens of movies, including the Harry Potter series. His owner is Jeff Shelburg, a former professional boxer.

The Salt Lake City area is quite beautiful. I did interview a gentleman who was introduced to me by a Tucson interviewee. The SLC city gentleman was none other than G. Brad Lewis, perhaps the world’s foremost volcano photographer.

There was one more first, but I will leave that to the Casper, WY blog, as it was upon my arrival there that I discovered the “oh-oh.”

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