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Sioux Falls

South Dakota

May 25, 2023

May 29, 2023

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Let’s see…, oh yeah, let’s address the car. In Sioux Falls, the driver’s side low beam light died. I purchased a replacement, but the service guy at the auto parts shop told me, after looking, that he did not have the tools to replace it. Great, another expense at Hyundai! Then, at startup, the tire pressure light was signaling an issue. It was the same tire that went flat in Billings.

But then my luck changed. My Airbnb host was handy with cars and could replace the light. And the tire pressure warning ceased. Hopefully, that will be the last of the car stories.

I interviewed a remarkable gentleman. He was born with cerebral palsy but lived his entire adult life as an independent farmer. He even wrote a book about his life that can be found on Amazon entitled, “The Best is Yet to Be.” Harlan Temple.

The drive from Bismarck to Sioux Falls was less visually remarkable than that from Billings to Bismarck. Still, seeing the great plains has been exciting. At the last moment, I cut my Sioux Falls visit short by one day to spend a night in Rapid City. From there, it is about 30 minutes to Mount Rushmore. It was actually more spectacular than any pictures I had seen. But I have no use for Keystone. That is the nearby town. Talk about a tourist trap. No thanks.

I gave a speech to the Sioux Falls West Rotary Club. While I have been well received by all Rotary Clubs, this one was very engaged and had several questions and comments. They even gave me the biggest laugh of any club on my last slide. Maybe I’m just getting better in my delivery.

In one surprising development, one of my fellow Airbnb guests had read Dan McAdams’ book, “the stories we live by.” As mentioned elsewhere on the website, this book has been my bible for the interview protocol I use. He read it about four years ago as a teenager and said it led him to Buddhism. What were the chances?

Two more cities. Omaha and Des Moines. I think I may drop in on Uncle Warren while in Omaha.

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