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April 24, 2023

April 29, 2023

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The final journey has begun. It seems surreal that I set out to my first city, Lansing, Michigan, almost a year ago. And now, here I am in Wichita, Kansas. Ironically, like in Lansing, the weather did not exactly cooperate. I did not see the sun until I left for Denver. Also similar is that I did not interview anyone. As it turned out, that was not the primary focus of my time here.

When I started this absurd project, I did not fully appreciate the need to build an online following, especially if I am to have a successful book and schedule speaking engagements following my final journey. On my first full day in Wichita, I launched my Facebook page. I am sure it will evolve over time, but I plan to post two stories a week for now.

Wichita has a prominent role in aviation history. It has been known as The Air Capital of the World since 1928 and is the birthplace of Beechcraft, Cessna, Learjet, Mooney, and Stearman airplanes. In addition, the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers merge into the Arkansas River. At that confluence stands The Keeper of the Plains, a monument erected to honor the lands and how sacred the area is to Native Americans.

So, while I did not meet many Wichitans, my visit here was productive because of the Facebook launch.

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