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Interviewee's Takeaway

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So, what is in it for you? As Dr. McAdams (see OTHER-->Books) notes, this is not a one-way street. I walk away with a wonderful story that, with your approval, I will publish. You have the opportunity to express yourself completely anonymously, if you so choose, about the life you have lived to date to another human being who has no interest in judgement. Actually, that is no small thing. When has that happened for you lately?​

One of my goals is to publish interviewee reflections on the experience. See Feedback Blog under STORIES. Note that not all interviewees have agreed to have their mini story published on the website.

In conclusion, I will leave you with a quote from McAdams' book, "the stories we live by." Apparently Northwestern University offers to pay a stipend to the interviewee. I wish I was so wealthy!

​“At the end of the interview, most people report that the experience of telling their stories was profoundly satisfying and enjoyable, even if they shed tears in the telling. They often ask not to receive payment for the interview, for they feel that they have already been rewarded by the experience itself.”  

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