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January 23, 2023

January 28, 2023

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It happened again. For some reason, as excited as I am to start a journey, my first city always seems to come with a daunting feeling. I guess the reality of being alone for about two months plays with the mind. That feeling only lasts briefly, especially after I start meeting people.

The most exciting moment at my first stop was my speech to The Rotary Club of Louisville. There were about 100 people in attendance. The presentation went well, and several people approached me after the event to introduce themselves. One gentleman, Kevin Lynch, asked me if the Dr. Bill Randall I referenced in my speech was his Harvard classmate from the early 70’s. Miraculously, it was! Bill, a Canadian professor, nominated me for a TED Talk. Talk about a small world. I got one interview from the presentation with a promise of one more via Zoom. I am deeply indebted to Walt Kunau and Delene Taylor for extending an offer to speak and their $500 donation to the Rotary West Louisville Housing Fund in my honor.

The gentleman, Kirt Jacobs, who introduced me that day, has a business in town (Moxie Talk) that video records inspirational leaders talking about their lives. He seemed intrigued by my mission to interview perfect strangers I meet on my travels.

Although it was a gloomy January, I walked along the Ohio River in a park that I am sure is beautiful during the warmer months. I came across a riverboat and witnessed a massive barge with coal navigating the river at a super slow speed. The Muhammad Ali Center was closed on the day I visited, and sadly, I never got a chance to go back. There is certainly a lot of exciting history in Louisville. As a resident of the Land of Lincoln, I learned of the president’s close ties to the state. Also, I read a plaque at the river’s edge about various Louisville Wharf activities during the Civil War.

All things considered, it was a great start to my Southern Journey!

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