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January 23, 2023

January 27, 2023

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It happened again. For some reason, as excited as I am to start a journey, my first city always seems to come with a daunting feeling. I guess the reality of being alone for about two months plays with the mind. That feeling does not last very long especially after I start meeting people.

The most exciting moment on my first stop was the presentation I gave to The Rotary Club of Louisville. There were about 100 people in attendance. I think the presentation went well and several people came up to me after the event to introduce themselves. One gentleman, Kevin Lynch, asked me if the Dr. Bill Randall I referenced in my speech was his Harvard classmate from the early 70’s. Miraculously, it was! Bill, a Canadian professor, nominated me for a TED Talk. Talk about a small world. I got one interview from the presentation with a promise of one more via Zoom. I am deeply indebted to Walt Kunau and Delene Taylor for extending an offer to speak and their $500 donation to the Rotary West Louisville Housing Fund in my honor.

The gentleman, Kirt Jacobs, who introduced me that day has a business in town (Moxie Talk) that video records inspirational leaders talking about their life. He seemed intrigued by my mission to interview perfect strangers I meet on my travels.

Although it was a gloomy January, I walked along the Ohio river in a park that I am sure is beautiful during the warmer months. I came across a river boat and witnessed a huge barge with coal navigating the river at a super slow speed. The Muhammad Ali Center was closed on the day I visited and, sadly, I never got a chance to go back. There is certainly a lot of interesting history in Louisville. I learned, as a resident from the Land of Lincoln, of the president’s close ties to the state. Also, I read a plaque at the river’s edge about various Louisville Wharf activities during the Civil War.

All things considered, it was a great start to my Southern Journey!

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