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February 28, 2023

March 5, 2023

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I arrived in Alabama looking forward to my speech at the Fairhope Rotary Club meeting. I walked away with three interviews from that presentation. It was also a time to reflect on a book I read as a kid about legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant, the former University of Alabama football coach. Unfortunately, I did not make it to Tuscaloosa.

While in the Mobile area, I met a couple of other times with one of my interviewees, Kate. We had the opportunity to take in a remarkable sunset and a dinner afterward. Traveling and getting to know someone beyond the interview is always a special joy. It happens with my Airbnb hosts on occasion.

Speaking of Airbnb, my host’s home was the most remarkable shrine to Star Wars that you can imagine. My host, 50, started it, and she passed the affinity for everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, including Star Wars, along with her two sons. It was out of this world (pun intended).

I actually stayed near Fairhope and got to know the town a little. The people were very friendly, exhibiting that famous southern hospitality. The South is very tranquil, although I am fully aware of what can happen later in the year. It’s why I am in Alabama in March.

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