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February 1, 2023

February 8, 2023

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Washington is, of course, the capital city of the United States, so I made sure that I got to see as much of it as possible. I did a lot of walking around and visited The White House, The Mall, The Jefferson Memorial, The Washington Monument, and one of The Smithsonian Museums. I took a boatload of pictures and even became a semi-professional photographer myself. At least three people asked me to take their photos.

I actually stayed at an Airbnb in Falls Church, Virginia. I did that to be near McLean, where I gave a speech to The McLean Rotary Club. It went over very well, prompting several questions, and many commented on it afterward. It is always an honor to share my journey and project with anyone interested in it.

I spent a considerable amount of my time getting caught up on my writing. I also took in a church service in Falls Church. I think I needed it, to be honest. I seem to be experiencing some mental fatigue even though my Southern Journey has just begun. I guess 175 nights on the road since May 1, 2022, by yourself can do that.

Well, it’s on to Richmond, Virginia, next, but first, I will make a pit stop in Charlottesville to visit the University of Virginia campus.

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