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It may sound “twisted” but I enjoyed the emotional roller coaster ride of reviewing my life with Greg! I especially enjoyed the preparation question of creating “chapters” for different eras. What the whole experience did best, was force me to review my life. Who does that unless they are writing their own obituary? It made me realize that there have been good times, and yes, some bad ones too. It made me think of things, and people, that hadn’t entered my mind in years.

But most of all it made me count my blessings. I’d forgotten to stop and do that lately. I have no regrets. Most people can’t say that but looking back, I really don’t. I expected the questions to be more of a challenge so it was a pleasant surprise that they were easy. Thought provoking, but fairly easy. I came away mentally exhausted but oddly satisfied in that someone gave me a chance to tell my perspective. Rarely would anyone ask these types of questions of another. It made me feel old, experienced, and wiser and to this day I think it was a rewarding experience. Thanks for the memories, or bringing them back to life!

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