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Greg and I attended university together and lived in the same residence in late 1979 – early 1980.

After university, life went on and we lost touch. Fortunately, his ‘The Life Chronicler Project’ has provided us with the opportunity to reconnect.

Greg is much as I remember…methodical and organized!

The first question of the process involves telling your story in a ‘chapter’ format. As I recounted the various segments of my life I mentioned the following to Greg.

1. When I was in high school I often listened to The Guess Who’s ‘Artificial Paradise’ album. The top of the album cover poses the question ‘Are You Standing At the Fork in the Road?’ I repeatedly listened to this album, never realizing the number of crossroads I would encounter in life. Now, I look back and reflect on the many decisions I made over the years that have led me to this very point in my life.
2. In 1990, the movie ‘Mr. Destiny’ was released. The movie is corny but it offers a great lesson.

Hopefully, you will choose to participate in Greg’s project after you read through his website. It might allow you to reflect on your life and to perhaps aid you in determining the direction in which you wish to proceed the next time you reach a ‘fork in the road’. At the very least, spend some time with a great guy who is undertaking a monumental project.

I look forward to following Greg’s journey and to reading stories of the people he meets. Hopefully, your story will be part of his project.

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