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I was interviewed by Gregory Leeson, The Chronicler, on Saturday May 7, 2022 about my life, for a total of four hours straight. I found it quite a remarkable experience as it made me think deep and way back in time. I liked the way the questions were laid out and I was not rushed in any way to provide answers. I also like that I was offered guidance, at the start, as to how to break down the various aspects (Chronicles) of my life. The questions were appropriate, and I was left to decide what to tell.

Fortunately, for me, it wasn’t difficult as I had been penning down all these aspects for years. Here I had an opportunity to put them in order and expound on them by voice. The questions were appropriate, adequate and allowed me to tell a large portion my life’s stories. At the end, it left me with the desire to put ALL my experiences and stories, my Memoirs, as I called them, down on paper as I want to tell them to my descendants to browse through, and perhaps for some historical value to my native country.

Ultimately, I felt PROUD that I do have a story to tell and I must tell it, in more detail and beyond what the interview allowed. Thank you, Greg! It was a BLAST!

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