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Where to start...

I met Greg after my Rotary meeting in January 2023, thinking I might have a life story to tell. So, we sat and I shared a few things with Greg and we both were hooked. Two days later we sat and started the interview.

I had to take a few deep breaths before jumping into my life of great highs and tremendous lows from youth to adult to present and future hopes and dreams.

It took 4 meetings. And 6 hours later of me answering his questions with his comfortable guidance, we finished. And at the end we ended up both sharing. We got to know each other. I shed a few tears and walked away from that time with Greg feeling even better than going into the interview process.

His approach, style, demeanor and warmth of questions and letting me scatter my life story through years and decades was more than easy but delightful.

I know we both learned a lot through the process and even connected again to grab dinner on his return to my city. And I know we'll stay in touch.

And to me, that's a true sign of a great person and interview.

I feel blessed.

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