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Saint Louis


November 18, 2022

November 22, 2022

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My Western Journey has finally ended after 84 eventful nights on the road. I concluded with one interview and now have about eight stories to write. I also have a handful of Zoom interviews before I hit the road at the end of January. In many ways, this journey was more successful than the first. That makes intuitive sense, as I had a track record to show people. I also met one very crucial person in Los Angeles with whom I will be in contact in 2023.

I experienced St. Louis-style ribs (excellent!) and, of course, went to the top of the Arch to grab a beautiful view of the area. That included a view of Illinois, which is just across the Mississippi. Home Sweet Home! I also learned that the Dred Scott case was heard in St. Louis.

However, I did experience one of my greatest fears in St. Louis. The Arch is part of the National Parks System, so you and your belongings are screened. As I handed my tray to the officer, he motioned that I lean forward. He did the same and whispered, “Zip up your fly.” Yep, WIDE open! I’m 65 and retired now. I can’t wait to see what other unexpected and exciting experiences I will have on the subsequent two journeys.

WEST: 8,274 miles

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