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San Antonio


November 10, 2022

November 14, 2022

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My original plan was to visit Dallas after Tucson, as it was the most direct route home via Texas. But I have wanted to visit San Antonio for many years. So, I did just that. It was a good decision. I saw the Alamo and the famous River Walk (which I did not actually walk but traversed the canal on a boat) and got the whole Texas experience. After attending a mega-church Sunday morning, I visited a military base (Joint Base San Antonio) to shoot a gun (four, actually) for the first time.

My Airbnb host is a retired Air Force man. He is also an avid hunter. How could I say no when he asked if I would like to attend his church and then go to a shooting range? I would have the most qualified gun owner who could impart knowledge. He did just that.

For me, it was an incredible learning experience. I have always believed that the vast majority of gun owners are highly responsible. That belief was confirmed by how my mentor imparted his knowledge and how he comported himself the entire time. Although I won’t be buying a gun anytime soon, I was left with a deep respect for those who responsibly conduct themselves.

The guns I shot were:

1. Springfield XDM (19+1)
2. Springfield Hellcat (13+1)
3. FN SLP (Self-Loading Police) 9 Round Shotgun
4. Ruger AR-15 Pistol

My Texas experience. It was one I will not soon forget.

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